PIKC Rigas Valsts tehnikums

Rīgas Valsts tehnikums

Profesionālās izglītības kompetences centrs

Mechanical engineering department

  • Qualification to be received : mechanical engineering technician , 3rd qualification level
  • Educational establishment : PIKC Riga State Technical School
  • Programm mode :  Professional secondary education programm
  • Programmm group : Mechanical engineering

Previous education : Basic

After studies qualified  mechanical engineering technicians  can  work in the enterprises of metal processing , as medium range specialists in the metal shops of large enterprises and technological bureaus .

The programm length is 4 years during which the subjects to be studied are:

  • technology of mechanical engineering
  • material technology
  • machines, equipment and instruments
  • basics of programming CNC machines ( digital control)
  • basics of automatization of production processes
  • technical mechanics
  • electronics and electrotecnique

The graduates of the technical school are able to continue their education in the programms of higher professional level or in the programms of academic education of higher educational establishments.



  • Study progamm: mechanical engineering
  • Languages and communication
  • Latvian and Latvian literature
  • Foreign language
  • Second foreign language
  • Mathematics , technical  and scientific subjects
  • mathematics
  • informatics
  • science
  • physics
  • Social science and cultural education
  • politics and law
  • history of Latvia and the world
  • economics
  • Professional subjects
  • technical drawing
  • accident prevention
  • machines and instruments
  • machine equipment


  • Practical training
  • locksmiths
  • turning
  • welding
  • practice in the enterprise
  • Sports

Qualification practice


 All programms are accredited in the Ministry of education and Science of Latvia Republic.



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