PIKC Rigas Valsts tehnikums

Rīgas Valsts tehnikums

Profesionālās izglītības kompetences centrs

Further Education Department

Further education department offers

  • night groups (after 12th form) 960 lessons
  • automechanic
  • mechanical engineering technician
  • computer system technician
  • transport carriage technician


2) night groups (after 9th form) 640 lessons

  • assistant train driver
  • record-keeper

Length  of studies is 8 or 12,5 months according to the number of lessons.
Studies begin on October 1, 2014.
Monthly fee is 85,60 Euro.

  • part-time studies (after 12th form)


  • railway network technician
  • train driver
  • railway logistics and safe traffic technician

Length of studies are 2 years.
Studies begin on October 1, 2014.
Yearly fee is 555,00 Euro ( can be arranged to be paid monthly)

4) externship (self-studies)

in all professions  offered by PIKC RVT
Study fee is calculated individually according to the costs

5) recognition of informal education

It is a chance to sit for qualification exams in all professions offered by PIKC RVT and get the certificate of the third level.
Fee is subject to the regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia Republic.

6) Informal education (120-150 lessons)

Professional further education

  • automechanic
  • electrician

State language  (120 lessons)

  • according to the basic level
  • according to the intermediate level
  • according to the advanced level

Informal education (120-150 lessons)computer studies (without previous knowledge )

  • computer studies (with previous knowledge )
  • English (without previous knowledge )
  • English (with previous knowledge )
  • Solid works (without previous knowledge )

7)  Preparation for secondary school leaving exams (12th form and 3rd year students )

  • mathematics
  • Latvian and Latvian literature
  • Foreign language
  • physics
  • basics of business economy

Monthly fee is 22 Euro per a subject.

Different seminars for increasing the competence level.


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